Shipping & Returns


Please be advised that once orders have been successfully placed a confirmation email will be sent. There will be periodic updates regarding order that includes processing & once order ships. The order confirmation email does not provide confirmation of mail carrier picking up the order. We recommend using alternative mail carrier website for more informative tracking. If you would like to cancel the order Teal Roses must be notified immediately after order is placed. 

If an inquiry or request is submitted, please allow 1 business day for a response. Also note that once orders are shipped Teal Roses does not have access to cancel the order. Take into consideration that shipping doesn't include the timeframe for processing orders. Please allow 24-48 hours for orders to be fulfilled once order has been placed this is just an estimate. The default currency used on website is USD but can vary with your financial institution for processing difference currency transactions. 

​Once the order is placed it will go through an verification process. If the billing for the payment method used doesn't match the address registered to the payment method we will send a correspondence to attempt to verify the correct billing address. You will have 24-72 hours to respond after the correspondence has been sent before the order is cancelled. No order will be processed unless the billing is confirmed or the payment has been successfully released from the financial institution.

Shipping is a service and nonrefundable after shipping services has been rendered. Teal Roses is not responsible for lost, stolen or damage to exterior of the package once it leaves our warehouse. We do recommended consulting with mail carrier if such events were to occur. We will assist with providing details of order should a claim need to be filed with the mail carrier. 

If the product arrives damaged, you will have 24 hours from the date the order was received, to notify Teal Roses. Teal Roses does have the right to request photos with dates and or time, further shipping details from mail carrier to further review damage claim or deny claim if insufficient information is not provided as requested. We will respond as soon as applicable to address the concern and review for a solution.

Due to the pandemic and unpredictable weather conditions this can cause orders to be delayed. If this should occur, please consult with mail carrier for further updates regarding the order and continue to monitor the order closely. Please note Teal Roses has no further persuasion over delayed orders with mail carriers.


Returns are rare at Teal Roses due to high level of customer satisfaction but in case you are dissatisfied with the product please contact us for returns/exchanges which is solely Teal Roses discretion. Teal Roses does a quality check of the product to make sure the product is free of defects before the product leaves the warehousePlease note Teal Roses does have the right to deny a refund or exchange request.